78 RPM

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Quartet Biographies.

Myron I became a huge fan of harmony vocals as a kid from the great music of the 60’s and 70’s. Singing Christmas carols in 2000, the guy next to me said: You have a good voice, you should sing with our barbershop group on Thursday night. I envisioned 4 guys in a garage and couldn’t quite figure where I would fit in, but showed up anyway. I said Hello to the first guy that met me at the door and he replied: You’re a bass, go stand over there (among 40 other basses). I sang with Sound of the Rockies for a few years and had the distinction of singing 3 different voice parts (baritone, bass, tenor) in 3 consecutive International competitions.
Tenor - Myron Swisher  
Jim I started singing with the Shrine of Democracy Barbershop Chorus in Rapid City, SD in 1987 and have been a member of SPEBSQSA ever since. I sang with a couple of quartets in Rapid City, Dakota West and Staff Inflection. When singing at the 2000 Rocky Mountain Convention, I placed in the top 10 quartets with Staff Inflection. We also headlined for a couple of Barbershop and Sweet Adeline shows. This was lots of fun. I have been singing with the Colorado Chord Company Barbershop Chorus since it’s inception in May 2013 and Have been singing with my present quartet, 78 RPM, for several months. My wife, Teresa, and I moved to Centennial, CO in 2005 and I was a member of the Sound of the Rockies until 2007.
 I retired as a Major from the USAF in 1989 (21 years).
Lead - Jim Hutchison  
Pierre Dave joined the Sound of the Rockies barbershop chorus, in time to go with them to Louisville for International, in 1991, singing Lead. Went with SOR to New Orleans in 1992 and to Calgary in 1993. He sang with two quartets, one as a Bari, the other as Tenor, in the mid-90s. He joined Colorado Chord Company barbershop chorus in June 2013. He is now singing Baritone with 78 RPM.
 Dave served with the U.S. Army, from July 1971 to July 1974; is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute; and was stationed in West Germany until honorably discharge.
Baritone - Dave Hoskins  
Pierre  I joined the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America in 1969 in San Diego and sang with the Sun Harbor Chorus and the Palomar-Pacific Chorus. During my travels in the Marine Corps I sang with the Capital City Chorus in Washington DC and the Highland Harmonizers in Colorado Springs. I joined the Sound of the Rockies in 2001 and sang with them for 10 years. I am a charter member of the Colorado Springs Metro Chapter in 2001 and have directed the chorus since 2002. I am a charter member of the Colorado Chord Company since the inception in 2013. I have sung bass in a number of quartets since 1986, most recently with 78 RPM.
I retired from the Marine Corps after 23 years in 1989 being stationed at United States Space Command in Colorado Springs, CO. I retired from IBM in 2014.
Bass - Woody Woods